Hitou ryokan Jinmei onsen Yumoto Sugishima

Yumoto Sugishima,the Japanese style hotel in Okumino(Japan Gifu-ken Seki-shi). There are 8 bathrooms where hot springs of water,a simple fountain and reserved open-air bath. You can eat river fishes and edible wild plants ,local vegetables of Okumino in"Irori"(means " in a hearth" ).

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Hot Springs Baths

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Guidance of the bath

<Hot water of the heart's content>
The hot spring of the valley among the mountains blue here.
Wind across the valley is comfortable.
A sound of the murmuring that it is far if you close your eyes.
Entrust the position to stillness,
If you soak in the hot spring of the tree of you alone treetop to the full,
you forget daily life and enjoy time of the supreme bliss.
The star of the sky,you enjoy an open-air bath made with the treetop of 400 years old.
This comfortable time creates a supreme space.

Large communal bath

Bathroom made of the hinoki and the silky soft source can enjoy the large communal bath reopened in January, 2010 to the full. The home spa comprises two bathtubs of "tepid water" of the source gravity-feed irrigation and "the boiling water" only for warming, and the same source can be enjoyed. In addition, the ream of mountains of Okumino Itadori can have a distant view from an open-air bath and can enjoy the trees and plants and the scenery of the season.

Reserved open-air bath for exclusive use of staying

From the reserved open-air bath in the hill which passed through bamboo forest following from the depths of the main building, you can enjoy the clear stream Itadori River and the change in the riverside four seasons. We renew a bathtub in 2011, and the easy feel of the source only for warming can be enjoyed. Hotel guest:Free of charge(Reservation after the visit) The one-day use:Fee-charging(We accept it by a prior reservation.)

Hot water upbound place

Rise hot water of the large communal bath where the place removes and builds an old private house,and full of a feeling of opening make it. In addition, we prepare the spring from the mountain behind to rest the body which flushed.

Hot spring analysis list

The source name :
Shinmei Onsen
Gush place :
The measurement in gush place
The measurement date :
July 15, 1996 Gauger : Gifu-ken hoken kankyo kenkyujo(Gifu health environmental laboratory) Hiroshi Terao,kyoko Horibe
Spring temperature :
37 degrees(Temperature 27.6 degrees) Gush quantity : 180 liters/m
Perceptual examination :
ph level :
Result of a measurement in the laboratory
Perceptual examination :
Water-clear,Unscented,Tasteless(Water intake five hours later)
Density :
0.9986(20 degrees Celsius)     Evaporation remaining material : 0.422g/kg     The conductivity : 4.84μS/cm
Ingredient in 1 kg of quantity of trial, composition
Positive ion ingredient mg mval mval1%
The positive ion sum total 118.5 5.14 100.00
Sodium ion 114.0 4.96 96.50
Potassium ion 2.0 0.05 0.97
Magnesium ion(Mg2+) 0.3 0.02 0.39
Calcium ion 2.2 0.11 2.14
Anion ingredient mg mval mval1%
The anion sum total 261.0 5.39 100.00
Fluorine ion 21.4 1.13 20.97
chlorine ion(Cl-) 5.6 0.16 2.97
sulfate ion 0.9 0.02 0.37
Hydrogen carbonate ion 217.7 3.57 66.23
carbonate ion 15.4 0.51 9.46
Non-dissociation ingredient mg mmol
The sum total of the non-dissociation ingredient 32.9 0.47
Meta silicic acid 28.6 0.37
Meta boric acid 4.3 0.10
Dissolved matter(Non-gas characteristics) total
Dissolved gas ingredient
Minor component
Aluminum ion
Less than 0.1
Manganese ion
Less than 0.01
Iron ion
Total sulfur
Less than 0.1
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