Hitou ryokan Jinmei onsen Yumoto Sugishima

Yumoto Sugishima,the Japanese style hotel in Okumino(Japan Gifu-ken Seki-shi). There are 8 bathrooms where hot springs of water,a simple fountain and reserved open-air bath. You can eat river fishes and edible wild plants ,local vegetables of Okumino in"Irori"(means " in a hearth" ).

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Neighboring walks:Nature, Culture, History


An unexplored region of Itadori where snow is left in the ravine where a cliff for 30 meters in height leads to to the heart of a mountain until May. The superb view changes beautifully in a cage occasion in the four seasons and has an always mysterious atmosphere. The fresh green of the end of May and a maple sprouting red-hot of November are wonderful.

5.0km It is approximately 18 minutes by car from our hotel.


One trunk is divided into a plural number at a position of 2-6m above the ground. There is rare stock cedar county cloth nationwide, and, in "forest Park of the 21st century ," the state that the huge trees for estimate age of a tree 100-500 years gather rises in a mystery of nature.

6.8km It is approximately 21 minutes by car from our hotel.

Hydrangea highway

A hydrangea highway is the beautiful highway which was chosen as "100 selections of ways of Japan" at approximately 24km along the Itadori River of the main country path Shiratori-Itadori line via National highway No. 256. There is the fantastic mood in the range whole area of the slightly elevated hill with the hydrangea garden in the beginning of July from the end of June that a hydrangea blooms all at once and competes.

14.3km It is approximately 30 minutes by car from our hotel.

Firefly admiration society

In our hotel, We hold firefly admiration society after the meal from the beginning of June through the middle of July. You can enjoy a glitter of fantastic light to fly in the surface of a river.

16.4km It is approximately 34 minutes by car from our hotel.

Extend a trip and ...

Kouka shrine

Kouka shrine    Horado-mura The old historic shrine of the foundation Yoro first year.To treasure building, Buddha statue group concerning mountain worship appointed in the prefecture important culture seat is displayed and is worth seeing. In the neighboring Enku Memorial, Ishibotoke of Enku connection is displayed, too.

23.6km It is approximately 51 minutes by car from our hotel.

Kouka shrine Shinsuian(Horado-mura)

The Gifu outstanding signature water that 400,000 people a year draw.In Shinsuian in Kouka Shrine, you can consider the natural mineral water which sprang out of the stratum more than 100 million years ago.

20.3km It is approximately 41 minutes by car from our hotel.

The cityscape which Udatsu is left(Mino-city)

The fire wall which was made to raise one step of both ends of the roof, and to prevent the catching fire from next door from the next door is Udatsu.Because only a rich family was able to make "Udatsu", we came to say, "Udatsu did not have" what could not succeed in life.A merchant's family made in Mino-shi from the Edo era through the Meiji era links the eaves and there is much Udatsu of various forms and stays.

41.1km It is approximately 1 hour 23 minutes by car from our hotel.

Cityscape Mino of the light(Mino-city)

It is the event that displays permanent construction to put the prize winner of the Mino Japanese paper light art exhibition and the work which had you donate it in a case, and to be seen even on a rainy day. Approximately 70 points of works form a line in the edge of the eaves of the cityscape every year. The warm light through the Japanese paper burns to the cityscape. You can enjoy a night appearance to have a flavor slowly. (We hold this event over from the middle of October to the end of November)

41.1km It is approximately 1 hour 23 minutes by car from our hotel.

Usuzumi-zakura(Cherry blossoms)(Motosu-city Neo)

11 meters, the branch which it opened are huge trees of the cherry tree of 50 meters 1,500 rest of life years old, circumference of 17 meters in height, the trunk. It is white at the time of the full bloom and is called Usuzumi-zakura because a flower changes as having been charged with light ink when it is over full bloom and scattered. (The flowering is from the end of March to the middle of April.)

51.8km It is approximately one hour 44 minutes by car from our hotel.

Oyada maple valley

There is a virgin forest of approximately 3,000 Acer palmatum, and the Oyada Shrine whole area is appointed to the natural monument of the country. Maple Festival is held from November through December. In addition, Oyada-hinkoko festivals to pray for a staple grains abundant harvest in the end of November are carried out.

39.8km It is approximately one hour 27 minutes by car from our hotel.

Gujyo-hachiman Castle

33.6km It is approximately 1 hour 7 minutes by car from our hotel.


104km It is approximately 2 hours 10 minutes by car from our hotel.

Takayama historical cityscape(Takayama-city)

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